How the VeganBlade Kitchen Knife Works:
Engineered For Perfection

To be more efficient in food prep means to have the proper tools. 

When it comes to everyday food prep and cooking most of us use a random knife that was passed down 7 generations that is so dull that causes wrist pain but we choose to suck it up, or we have a very fancy kitchen knife that hasn’t been maintained at all since purchase and its just as crappy, dull and rusted as a cheap knife from the dollar store.

So what’s the solution in terms of having a proper functional knife that is sharp, stays sharp, and is aesthetically beautiful?

Ding ding ding, the answer is the VeganBlade. The proper tool you need in your kitchen arsenal so you can slice dice with ease.

And I just want to let you know that here at WE UNDERSTAND. We know the frustrations involved when using a dull small craptastic kitchen knife for food prep.

And that is why we have perfectly engineered the VeganBlade that way you can EASILY slice dice all your favorite foods without ANY issues.

Now how does the VeganBlade Kitchen Knife work?

The VeganBlade is a kitchen knife where its blade is made from High Grade Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) which is Food Grade (LFGB/FDA approved), wear resistant, hard, sharp, lightweight, non-porous & anti-bacterial.

This means that the VeganBlade can hold its sharpness daily, and can prep your favorite meals with ease.

Not only that, the VeganBlade features a “magnetic black blade” that is elegant, minimalistic and modern in its design.

Getting compliments both for its phenomenon performance but also for its aesthetic appearance.

Plus the bonus ergonomic handle made out of highly durable ABS (Acryolonitrile Butadiene Styrene). Commonly used for knife handles, building block toys, car dashboards, power tool housings, and computer keyboards.

Unlike wood it does not warp when exposed to moisture, it does not chip, it does not need to be maintained, such as placing the knife in a dry location or adding mineral oil to prevent moisture and it will not rot. Making it long lasting and maintenance free as possible.

And great news, the blade is one time injected into the handle during the moulding phase. Therefore, there is NO GLUE, no screws, no clamps, and it feels and ACTs like an one-piece kitchen knife.

Ergonomic Handle

As mentioned before the VeganBlade features a 4 inch ergonomic handle that is SUPER comfortable in your hands and super GENTLE on your wrist.

How does the handle work?

When holding a kitchen knife handle the hand should be relaxed and somewhat loose, the handle should take enough space where the empty space of a relaxed hand is filled with the handle, and so that the hand is not tight & closed, and not causing tension to itself.

The handle of the VeganBlade at its belly has a radius of 37mm, and this takes up the average empty hand space in a relaxed hand, thus allowing you to hold a knife loosely and still being able to grip the knife well.

Testing & Engineering

Before settling on the final design of the VeganBlade we have tried and tested 100s of different kitchen knife styles in terms of appearance, feel, handle, technical specifications and performance.

And so by going through this rigorous testing process we eventually figured out which kitchen knife specifications we are going to use to create the best kitchen knife, AKA the VeganBlade.

We came to the conclusion that the VeganBlade needs to be sharp, retain its sharpness, sturdy, durable, thick and long blade, with a comfortable handle. Which is what we exactly made!

Why People Love It

The moment a new client has a VeganBlade in their hands and use it for the very first time they get blown away from the results they see on their cutting board.

The VeganBlade is just unreal in terms of its cutting performance and longevity.
Real People are using the Real VeganBlade to make their life easier by a 100%.

That sounds pretty darn good to me, and remember there is a 12 month RISK-FREE guarantee, that if for some reason our VeganBlade isn’t a perfect fit for you simply contact us for a FULL REFUND GUARANTEED.

It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Anyways, you will love this product because it provides enormous value to your day to day life.

It just makes so much easier with the VeganBlade to prep your food.

Why You Love It

Immediately, we know here at VeganBlade that you will in a flash be amazed by the quality, craftsmanship and results of your Premium Kitchen Knife, the VeganBlade.

You will be wondering how this knife was missing all your life.

That’s literally what you’ll think once it arrives directly in your hands.

Why Chefs Love It

Why executive Chefs like Tommy P. from Fresh Restaurants Inc. use the VeganBlade as their go to kitchen knife.

Tommy hates wasting time sharpening his blades, and so by having a VeganBlade as one of his knives in his arsenal means he is always guaranteed to have a sharp knife ready to be used when he needs if he forgot one day to sharpen one his steel knives.

Plus he couldn’t resist the 12 month Risk Free Guarantee and Life Time Manufacturer’s warranty we have on our long lasting durable sharp and sturdy VeganBlade Kitchen Knife.

Made with Modern Technology

Almost all knives in the market right now are steel based, and whether it is Japanese VG-10 Steel or traditional Stainless Steel the knife will ALWAYS dull, rust and its cutting edge will eventually bend.

Whereas the VEganBlade is made from High Grade Zirconium Dioxide, which is a very hard Crystalline powder. It is then placed into its moulding where it gets dry pressed under 100-200 tons pf pressure. Then undergoes Hot Isostatic pressing (HIP) for a couple days at 200 MPa (Megapascal) to increase blade density as close to 100%  and to reduce porosity as close to 100%.

The blade is then formed, and sharpened with a diamond coated grinding wheel to create its smooth appearance and sharp cutting edge.

From its initial material, its production system, and its end result, this blade goes through extreme measure to create a knife that is highly durable and practical.

Through the use of modern technology we created a revolutionary knife that only exists now.

Yes, I’m ready to try the VeganBlade Kitchen Knife